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Property Acquisition

Building a new home or renovating an existing home starts with a property search. If you are fortunate enough to have your own property, you could skip this step. Going through a new build or a major renovation is very time consuming and needs a lot of capital, hence you don't want to waste all your time, money and energy on a property that can't return your investment. Our team of experts could help you find the right property in the neighbourhood of your choice. 

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Designing your dream house should be fun and enjoyable and we take that very seriously. At Hoss, we want to make sure the whole process is ​as headache free and joyful as possible. We will help you bring your ideas to life in the design process and build it  with the highest quality, while staying within your budget and timeline.

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Project Management

The most popular service we provide at Hoss is our project management services. The difference between hiring Hoss as a builder or as a project manager is the cost and your involvement in the project. As a project manager, we will be hired to make sure the project is proceeding timely and smoothly, while giving the home owner/builder the responsibility of making decisions for the finishings and options of the house. You will have the power of deciding who to use as tradesmen and the kind of materials that will be used, among other things.

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Renovations, Additions, and HomeImprovements

We also do renovations: projects as small as updating your bathrooms or finishing a basement or as big as additions or adding a second floor to an existing house. Would you like to give a new feel to your old house? Would you like to open up walls and make your house's layout more open? We can help! 

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Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is another service that we can help you with. Projects as small as updating just your commercial space’s bathrooms, kitchen , or projects as big as additions and major renovations or even new builds we got you covered. Whether you want to build or renovate a medical or a dental clinic, a restaurant, or any kind of stores we can Help!